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Inch Loss Treatment | Non Surgical Body Contouring & Body Sculpting in Delhi

Exilis Elite is an Inch Loss Treatment or Body Sculpting/ Contouring in Delhi

Exilis Body Contouring & Skin Tightening Treatment

We are offering Exilis Elite advanced Inch Loss Treatment in Delhi also searched as non surgical Body Sculpting/body contouring in Delhi. This procedure is best for people who are looking for non surgical Body Sculpting/Contouring treatments like belly fat reduction, reduction of unwanted thighs fat, non-surgical facelift, etc.. Best part is that Inch Loss is done in combination with skin tightening in a single session, so no worries about sagging skin after inch loss.

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Why Exilis Elite for Body Sculpting/Contouring or Body Shaping:

  • Exilis Ultra is an incredible procedure for skin tightening that pairs up two of the best technologies present for this purpose: radiofrequency (as featured in Thermage) and ultrasound (as found in Ultherapy)
  • This is a cosmetic non-surgical and non-invasive procedure
  • No risks
  • No downtime
  • For body contouring and skin tightening effects, Exilis Elite is a headway device used to break down fat cells and stimulate collagen production in the skin.
  • Fat reduction happens in combination with skin tightening
  • Painless procedure

What areas of the body and face can be treated with Exilis?

Due to the distinctive structuring of Exilis, it is very flexible and able to successfully treat:

  • Abdomen and lower abdomen fat
  • Face, neck, arms back fat and knees and leg
  • sagging of facial tissues
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About Exilis EliteTM

Exilis is a cosmetic non-surgical and non-invasive instrument commended as a substitute to cosmetic surgery for fat reduction, body contouring and skin tightening. The brand behind it (BTL Aesthetics) touts it as using radiofrequency waves for heating up specific layers of the skin which tends to melt fat deposits while tightening the skin. It has become increasingly popular and peddled machinery used by skin specialists as a substitute to traditional liposuction and other anti-aging aesthetic surgical and invasive procedures

There are two available models of BTL Exilis models which include:

  • Exilis Elite- device used for body treatments
  • Exilis Protege- device used for facial treatments

If you have given upon those really claustrophobic tummy tuckers and literally done hiding behind body shapers and loose fit T’s, this new technology of Exilis is the thing for you. It can help you burn that obstinate fat in the body, face, neck or chest. You would be able to control and reverse those stiff-necked signs of aging that are culprit of spoiling your skin quality.

How BTL Exilis Works

How Exilis Works

The basic concept behind the Exilis technology is not actually all new and it has previously been used in cosmetology. It revolves around the promotion of some processes within the skin by way of radio frequency waves. Different wave settings are incorporated for perforating the skin and aiming certain layers. The best part about Exilis is that it can treat fat reduction and skin tightening together.


Exilis and Fat Burning

The energy waves keeps the upper layer of the skin cool while heating the fat layer of skin that leads to tightening of collagen and inciting the fat cells to open and spill out the contents. It is a powerful technique to spot treat exercise stubborn fat like in lower abdomen or bulging upper arms.

For body contouring and skin tightening effects, Exilis Elite is a headway device used to break down fat cells and stimulate collagen production in the skin. Exilis used for fat reduction delivers the radiofrequency to target deeper penetration into the tissues. This power energy directed in the fat tissues destroys fat cells in the body which will typically melt away with the treatment. The fat cells are further disintegrated which will be ejected out from the area by the natural mechanisms of the body. In addition, the specific radio waves work to untangle collagen fibers causing the fibroblasts generates more of the protein. This forms the skin’s fiber matrix which leads to the tightening of the skin after a few sessions.

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Is Exilis Really Effective for fat loss and facelift?

It is beneficial to learn that Exilis is not a magical fat reduction or anti-aging instrument, although quite promising for body shaping, contouring and skin tightening but the device doesn’t really have an upper hand over anti-aging treatments such as a facelift. The device works very well for fat reduction from different parts of the body, reaching out to even the private areas but may not be as effective on certain facial areas like under eye bulginess. It is worth noting to look for a skin surgeon or specialist who is board-certified, skilled and well experienced in the procedure in order to make the most of your money being spent.

Is Exilis painful?

Exilis treatments are painless, convenient and not hurtful as it does not involve use of any needle, scalpel or surgical instruments. There are no topical anesthetics being given to patients because the treatment does not demand so. Not only heating but Exilis also uses cooling technology to refrain away from damaging the skin’s upper layers. Moreover it also makes the treatment relatively painless and more soothing. This is how it aims at the innermost layers of the skin while keeping the outer layers intact and inhibited. However, there are some patients who have stated to experience a bit of pain and uneasiness during the procedure but it is only normal and bearable.

Customizability of Exilis Treatments

There are variety of combinations of radio frequencies and cooling methods empowering the surgeons to provide a range of intensity options for treatment. This makes Exilis treatment largely customizable based upon the requirements and expectations of the patient. The anatomy of a human body is also different from one another so the skin thickness can differ from one area of the body to another. Thus, radio frequency energy and cooling strength needs adjustability settings for the purpose to gain optimal results*. For instance, Exilis treatment for the stomach or thighs needs radio frequency of higher strength and intensity in order to have access to the fat accumulation. Whereas, treating the face needs stronger cooling adjustments and weaker radio frequencies. This is because of the skin being much thinner and softer in the face.

Side Effects of Exilis

The skin tightening, fat removal, body contorting benefits that Exilis provides do not come with health hazards and complications in perspective of severe side effects since Elixis is performed in a non-invasive way,. Patients generally do not encounter swelling, bruising inflammation, or irritation in the area treated. However, some patients have come across slight skin burns, redness and a little pain which is mainly because of the latency or ignorance of the doctor performing the procedure. Use the right settings is high-priority, which literally depend on the area and amount of treatment.

Risk related to affecting body shape and sculpt by eating habits and lifestyle may be observed, but usually subside rapidly as person starts to follow a balanced lifestyle.

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What areas of the body and face can be treated with Exilis?

Due to the distinctive structuring of Exilis, it is very flexible and able to successfully treat:

  • Abdomen and lower abdomen fat
  • Face, neck, arms back fat and knees and leg
  • sagging of facial tissues
  • Reducing Male breasts and large abdomen
  • Loosening neck
  • Double chin
  • Exhausted face/Droopy eyelids/sagging/Flattening of cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds (fine lines from nose to mouth)
  • Marionette lines (making mouth corners to turn down)
  • Jowls (Loosening jaw line)
  • improve skin quality, elasticity and complexion

Who is a good candidate for Exilis treatment?

Exilis is for any individual who wishes to have aesthetic improvement, specifically in areas that are not bodily fit, areas that exhibit signs of aging, cosmetically disrupted or show imbalanced life style and have not responded positively to other treatment. It can be taken by anyone between the ages of 25 and 70+ who desires to avail cosmetic improvement without surgical intervention.

Who is not a suitable candidate for Exilis Elite® treatments

  • Anyone with active skin disorder or allergy in the area to be treated
  • If a person has any metal implants or electrical instrument installed in their body e.g. pacemaker, defibrillator or electroceuticals.
  • Pregnant women

What results can be expected with Exilis Elite?

A person may begin to observe some amount of body shaping and skin firming results* just after 1 to 2 Exilis treatments, but evident results* will be seen after a few months as the new collagen forms. Treatments will be gapped in intervals of 1 to 2 weeks. Exilis Elite is a pioneer product that directs double the energy of the basic Elite model and is available through med spas. Treatment time decreases and outcomes improve after each session.

How long do results last?

Feedback from patient and data from medical studies demonstrate that many people who have had treatment were able to maintain their results for about 24 months. Principally, once the fat cells have been collapsed, they do not regenerate. However, adopting an active lifestyle & consuming healthy food is a great way to keep a check on unwanted fat. You can always consult with our nutritionist regarding the food intake after the treatment.

Does Exilis offer same results as liposuction?

Please note that Exilis is not for weight loss neither is a replacement for weight loss. Results* are overwhelming to burn fat deposited in smaller areas that have not responded desirably to exercise or diet and for areas where non-surgical skin tightening is necessitated.

How is Exilis Different or better Than Liposuction?

Liposuction is a completely invasive procedure that eliminates fat cells deposits under the skin. It typically uses needles, anesthesia, sedations, gels, ointments. It also impose a risk of infection due to contact with foreign bodies being invasive and can result in pain, swelling bleeding, blood clots and downtime, which any of these is not the case in Exilis treatment. Exilis externally applies radio frequencies to invigorate the fat cell, churn and eject fat that too without coming in physical contact to the areas.

How much is the cost of Exilis treatment?

Cost of Exilis treatment typically depends on body part, size of area to be treated and of course prestige of your doctor. You may not be required to shell out a fortune for Exilis like other surgical fat loss and anti-aging treatments, but full course of treatment would not cost you more than your quarterly gym fees, if obviously you are not a member of Talwalkars or Golds.

History of Radio Frequency for Fat Loss and how it works

Radiofrequency lipolysis for fat loss is an aesthetic procedure which employs a selective radio frequency at the targeted fat area to melt the fat with heat without a device, just by establishing a physical contact with the patient. Fat cells are primarily heated from a distance of 1cm centimeter from the skin without affecting other skin cells or structures.

Earlier, when a patient had a flabby stomach, the only they has was abdominoplasty or liposuction, which can hurt and cause inconvenience. Furthermore, anaesthesia demonstrates a threat on an obese patient, and there are high chances of scarring and seroma. Due to this, many surgeons do not wish to conduct liposuction on patients with a BMI (body mass index) above 28/29. Radiofrequency lipolysis is good to lean out the abdomen and flank areas. RF being a contactless instrument that uses controlled high radio frequency to produce heat solely in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

When energy is delivered to the areas of fat by directing preferential heat, it penetrates deep within the fat cells and destroys it. It is a procedure that can be applied on any area of the body- from huge areas like abdomen, male breasts, thighs, and buttocks to very small areas like chin, double chin, knees, ankle with same level of success. RF uses sound waves to create vibration and induce mechanical suspension of fat cells causing them to disintegrate and collapse. These sound waves do not only result in reducing fat but also pertain to tightening of skin by controlling energy to target collagen particularly when diet and gym have proven unsuccessful.

Major reasons as why patients undergo radiofrequency involve reduction of localized fat pockets that ploughs on despite diet and workout. Radio frequency fat loss is nonsurgical or minimally invasive options for weight loss and fat removal using a technology that uses heat, cooling or an infused medication to destroy fat cells. A common kind of RF lipolysis is Vanquish, which is F.D.A. cleared. Radio frequency technique is additionally quite effective for age-old issue of spot reduction and genetic weight gain issues where traditional fat reduction methods failed.

Thermage was the very first RF treatment introduced for skin tightening over a decade ago so there is a long history of the device. Outcomes have been muddled and unstable with pain being one of the most common patient grievances.

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How Exilis is unique and superior to simple radio frequency?

If you ask how Exilis is different from radio Frequency, then I would simply say that Exilis is not a weight loss procedure and is about body contouring in a way that sheds off the stubborn fat deposits and provide your body a sculpted and shapely figure. It works very well, while RF is used for fat loss and weight loss. The radiofrequency (RF) is the same monopolar kind as Thermage which is essential in comparing each of them from other kinds of radiofrequency instruments available on the market.

However, Exilis have finally resolved plastic surgeons to target the energy in most effective, safe, comfortable and affordable way. However, it may require more procedures than the high frequency Radio frequency Thermage, still each Exilis procedure is far more effective, safe and convenient and no pretreatment medication is needed.

For skin tightening and facial skin firming, Exilis is used at a depth no deeper than RF Thermage. It is only for cellulite removal and fat reduction treatment that Exilis is targeted deeper and is able to aim at fat cells.

Exilis Ultra is an incredible procedure for skin tightening that pairs up two of the best technologies present for this purpose: radiofrequency (as featured in Thermage) and ultrasound (as found in Ultherapy). That certainly signifies that you get the best of both worlds! These two types of power sources heat the collagen in the skin, inducing it to dwindle, thereby resulting to excessive fat melting and skin tightening in the treated area.

Outcomes by Exilis are prone to be more consistently favorable than what the RF Thermage results are.

Unlike various other devices that use kinds of energy that assert to treat cellulite, tighten skin but none can guarantee actual circumferential reduction up till now, Exilis is noted with circumferential reductions varying from 4 cm to 15 cm of volume loss after couple of sessions sessions spaced out at intervals of 15 days with high patient satisfaction. This is what makes it “one-off”.

Exilis boost production of collagen which will cause further tightening which will be watchful within 3-6 months. The most common areas to treat with Exilis include lower face (for the jowls), abdomen, chin, neck and even any body part can be treated, including private areas too.

A fair advantage of Exilis over RF is the feel-safe factor of Exilis that automatically adjusts energy levels based on the area being treated to curb overheating.

Another superiority of Exilis over Radio frequency for skin tightening is the competence to calculate temperature increases in the skin impartially instead via patient’s reviews. This built in feature in Exilis is quite crucial as it grants us to attain the optimal levels of heat to increase substantiality and reduce risk factors.

Exilis cause no pain or side effects except a short term side effects of heat sensation, which is not the case with RF as pain is the most frequent complaint by patients. Exilis feels like a hot stone massage with No downtime and No aftercare.

With all the fantastic treatment options lined up, there has never been an amazing time in history to age gracefully.

Overall, Exilis as a fat reduction treatment for body and face is a good option as it offers a firmer skin alongside. If you wish to reduce signs of aging, Elixis can deliver significant outcomes within a few sessions. It is also a good way to reduce excess fat in certain parts of the body. However, unlike liposuction, it cannot remove excessive fat pockets in just one session, but in a few more sessions it can make you melt almost all* accumulated fat in a safe and feasible way.

Considering the active ingredients, it is a very effective non-surgical fat removal and anti-aging device present on the market with its ability to prevent premature skin aging, reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, skin nourishment, lifting and hydration.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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