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We at Elite Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic are coming up with few advanced facial treatments in Delhi for every skin type, face rejuvenation & tightening. Power Glow to Skin Shine we have 6 different facials to give you smooth younger skin.


Facials are so much more than an hour long of overindulgence in gratification and appease. Apart from pampering and relaxing one’s facial muscles, it eliminates facial tiredness, puffiness and relaxes mind.

A mammoth amount of external pollution from air, dirt and polluted water piles up dead skin on the face. This accumulation by daily exposure to pollution is an inescapable aspect of life. Many of us, no matter what, do our best to keep the skin clean, but it is not always suffice.

We go crazy applying whatever we hear from peers, through internet, lifestyle magazines or whatsoever but it is not always enough. We need to understand that everyone has a specific type of skin and thereby responds differently to external applications. It is always better getting a facial according to your skin type and goals and not be a therapist yourself. Just like a dentist is needed for a regular deep clean and extraction of cavity from the tooth safely, similarly a spa or salon is good for a face deep clean to get rid of impurities, tensed tissues, puffiness, and fine lines and to add a feather touch to your face.

Dried up are the times when facial was seen preferential only for the bride-to-be, some special occasions or FIT FOR FEMALES with swanky lifestyle. Take a moment to see that facials are no more reserved for only the rich and affluent who can afford it but anyone who wishes to treat themselves in the lap of luxury even without laying out money ostentatiously.

Let’s face it; you can actually save money using facials as it comes with staggering amount of advantages to the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term.

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Let’s learn the importance of facials and how can facials save money

Here are some reasons as to why you should regularly get facials.

Makeup and Skincare Products with minimal need: After getting a facial, you would be amazed at how little, if any, makeup is needed. Plus makeup goes over more evenly and easily after. A dermatologist or cosmetician deeply cleanses and exfoliates the face, using facial skincare products, enabling all your products to fully absorb and do their work appropriately, making sure you get value for your money. Having your skin evaluated by a professional can make you learn a lot about what facial and products are best suited for your skin type.

Age-Reversing Treatments: Facials are the most appropriate natural anti-aging and anti-reversing best treatment around. Treating yourself to a facial every so often will reduce your requirement of having to dish out money for costly fillers, injectables and other skin correction procedures. Facials enhance the skin’s complexion, elasticity and texture by offsetting the damaging effects of sun exposure and pollution.

Relaxed and Rejuvenated Skin: Facial primarily includes facial massage which alone works wonders on fatigued, wasted and wrinkled skin. A cosmetician is well skilled on how to properly massage the face. Believe or not, specific areas of the face required to be massaged in distinct ways to dissolve the issue in targeted areas. If performed wrongly, a massage can do more bad than good, and result in drooping skin. The massage also promotes lymphatic drainage as it ejects out toxins while triggering blood circulation.

Skin Cell Renewal: One of the significant and most crucial steps of a facial is exfoliation. Having your skin exfoliated by a trained aesthetician often means receiving a microdermabrasion or getting an acid peel to help congest pores and flush out dead skin. This step of the facial process helps to kick start cell turnover, triggering the growth of new cells and healthy cells. Regular exfoliation derives overwhelming results for those looking to minimize the appearance of acne scars.

Removal for Clear Pores: Who does not want blemish, spot and freckle free skin. Facial helps extracting blackheads and clogged pores. Well, luckily, correctly extracted skin (or "derivation of pimples") is the cause many of us have facial scarring, acne flare-ups, blemishes and crumbled capillaries. Removal procedure that must be done cautiously and hygienically gets the grime out of your pores that is the reason for your skin to breathe better, look smoother and encounter lesser breakouts.

Seasonal Skin Alterations: We are a product of nature and our body elements go in sync with natural environment, meaning that mechanism of body as well as skin changes with the seasons and have various requirements based on the climatic conditions, humidity level, temperature, and sunlight. During a summer season, fruit facial will work to calm sun-damaged skin while in a winter season; an ultra hydrating facial will work to restore the lost moisture. Getting a facial in the spring will galvanize and revitalize the post-winter dull and stale skin, and an autumn facial will brace up your tone and texture for the cold months ahead.

Peels and Masks for a Balanced and Even Complexion: When was the last time you put on that mask in your beauty studio? May be the last time you had a makeup at a beauty salon, right? We may have fair deliberations of maintaining a sustenance skincare routine but, quite frequently, life rolls out in a manner that we overlook our skin for some time and forget to do that monthly mask and this probably breaks the momentum of achieving a healthy skin. In a facial, the skin is steamed to open blocked pores, removed and then prep for a mask or two. Based on your skin’s needs, the mask’s purpose may be to sweep, relax, hydrate or decongest the skin.

Evident and Instant Results: The best part about receiving a facial is that the outcomes are instant and thankfully positive. Hardly would you come across a skin regime, product or treatment that lives up to your high expectations. Just after a single session, you will notice an instant improvement in your skin looks.

Difference between medicated facial and normal salon facial

Facials are offered just about anywhere from spas and beauty studios to plastic surgeons’ clinics to at-home services.

So, are there really any differences between them?

Of course, YES, there are major differences between medical facial and salon facial, primary being the treatment management of severe skin problems which is addressed in medicated facial spas and not in normal salon spas. There are lot other differences too in terms of final results, longevity of results etc which were are going to discuss below next.


If you choose to receive facial at an ordinary salon or spa, expect more of a pampering and pacific kind of experience. Skin problems can be attended to, but the components are commonly gravitated towards calming and tranquilizing. While they can be effective for the specified purpose, they may not be as robust and beneficial as a medically-based facial that you can get at a dermatologist/doctor’s clinic.

In medical facials, serious skin issues are addressed applying a medical approach to accomplish the results a person seeks, rather than offering only an hour long soothing and pampering program. Aggressive peels, stronger acid peels, prescription-induced ingredients and strong concentrations are used, in extension to light and laser therapies. Microdermabrasion is also used to deal with severe skin conditions.


If you choose to get a facial from a board-certified medical cosmetician in a clinical setting, you will certainly feel a difference of experience in terms of advancement, treatment and sanitation practice, problem dissolution and of course the ultimate outcomes. One of the yet evident differences between medicated facial spa settingsvs. a salon facial spa setting is achieving a Healthy Skin from the Inside Out; which is accomplished in a medicated one. If youlongfor getting a healthy skin inside out and look its absolute best, medicated facial is the way to go.

Remember, if you look to correct certain skin concerns, always see a licensed medical aesthetician who is experienced to deliver medical facials in addition to correct products for your unique skin type, a skin care regimen including periodic cosmetic treatments. Also following a healthy lifestyle is of vital importance as just supplementing your skin from outside is not enough to truly rekindle your skin well-being.


Your skin takes 20-30 days to complete a full “wheel of process” of casting and renewal of skin cells. It is good for beginners to book for a medical facial, chemical peel, glycolic peel or microdermabrasion, treatment every 1-2 months weeks for maximum advantages. You will start to see to improvements to your skin appearance instantly!

While it takes a salon facial to be carried once every week to see results of distressing and fresher looking face.


A licensed dermatologist or medical aesthetician works closely to examine and determine your personal skin needs. Whether its melasma or rosacea, pigmentation or allergic reaction, sun spots or brown spots, dehydrated or aging skin, teen acne or adult, that is troubling you, an aesthetician will customize a treatment plan with medical facials according to the concerns to tackle your skin tone, and texture properly.

While in a salon spa you just get to enjoy a brand facial that is available prepackaged in the market, with no added ingredients to treat a medical skin problem.


In a Medical Facial, first happens the Deep Pore Cleansing of the skin without distorting its natural fence function, which has a balanced pH, lipids and oils that are essential to skin’s health. Second step is a thorough skin evaluation to analyze your skin needs and concerns. Then begins the exfoliation either chemical peels (acids and enzymes) and/or microdermabrasion crystals, encourages cell regeneration, breaks down resistant brown spots, and shed dry skin. It is then followed by a steam to soften debris inside the pores for easier extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. Next step involves Décolletage Massage of face and neck to encouragecirculation. Then Manual removal for any remaining congestion of the pores and then putting a mask to deeply purify, hydrate, moisturizing and calm the skin. Medicated facial ends with a much-needed Moisturizer that helps to replenish and bring back water into your skin.

More so, Medical facials are a phenomenal lifetime youthful skin treat indeed, with some medical oomph added to the classic spa.

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How long do Medical Facial lasts?

The Life Cycle of a Medical Facial can be a fit to modern day women timetable, as you can schedule it in 4- weeks. Your skin illuminates a healthy glow instantly afterward. Skin looks so fresh and hydrated for 3-4 days as circulation has been boosted. Cell Regeneration occurs in 25-50 days and long-term benefits of medical facial are cashed.

ADVANCED FACIAL – Medicated Product+ Microdermabrasion(MDA)+ Skin type pack

Custom created cleanser and toner products to the highest clinical standards with ingredient compositions formulated for rejuvenate and restore youthful suppleness, elasticity and age prevention therapy. Latest medically-based MDA is also used for facial skin, eyes, and eyelids to look naturally younger.

SIGNATURE FACIAL – Medicated Product+ MDA + Vitamin C+ Serum+ Pack

Avant-gardepharmaceutical grade ingredients in mineral-based and vitamin infused product line to treat many skin concerns. Recommended for scarring, oily skin, covering psoriasis, acne, port-wine stains while maintaining healthy skin.

SKIN REJUVENATIN FACIAL – Medicated Product+ MDA + PEEL + Pack

Comprehensive salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), glycolic peel or lactic peel as per skin needs is scientifically formulated for maximum skin care benefits and minimized irritation and fine lines. An Innovative pack is crafted for long-term improvements in skin tone, texture, and overall integrity

SKIN TIGHTENING FACIAL – Medicated Product+ MDA + Massay+ R.F skin tightening Pack

A revolutionary face-lifting/skin tightening treatment containing antioxidant powers of idebenone, R.F, Auriderm Clarifying Gel, Mattifying Gel to restore youthful-looking skin and protect your skin against environmental stressors

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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