Elite offers the best Hydra Facial in Delhi with a step-by-step organic process to make your skin healthy & glowing. It can give instant glow to the treated area with the help of serums & keeps the skin hydrated.



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Ever felt so parched or moisture less or in need of a drink? , And after consuming some water was it an amazing fluid you ever had to drink in your life?

Well this was possibly because of you being dehydrated, which indicates that your body is in a state of not having sufficient water for it to operate optimally.

For the purpose to bring back your body into its normal state, you will be required to go through the mechanism of pumping the missing water or hydration. Hydra Facial in Delhi.

Also an intake of 8ounce of water a day to disappear dehydration is a folklore-just a figment of imagination and may likely be a lot for some people, while not being enough for others.

There are certain factors that determine how much water we should drink. It includes individual body composition, the amount of water lost, activity level, sweating and breathing levels.


First thing to know that although the signs of dry and dehydrated skin do not differ much, but dry skins do differ from dehydrated.

Your skin gets red, itchy, inflamed and flaky when it is dry, whereas it becomes dull, dry pale and lifeless when dehydrated.

Signs of severe dehydration include:

  • Not peeing normally or urinating very dark yellow pee
  • Muscle cramps and headache
  • Dried up and sticky mouth and tongue
  • Feeling dizzy, itchy and flaky
  • Sunken cheeks, eyes and soft spot on skull
  • Rapid heartbeat and breathing
  • Lack of energy, irritability and ambiguity
  • Tearless weep
  • Dry diapers for 3 hours in kids
  • Babies having fever or who vomit too much

Severe dehydration calls for a clinical emergency and requires to be treated immediately.


You can lose more water than normal with:

  • Spitting and peeing too much
  • Like for most conditions, you can play the blame game here too. Yes for your stun, Genetics do play a part for dry skin too.
  • Cranking in the chlorinated pools
  • Baking yourself in sun
  • Too much exposure tohot showers, heaters, air conditioning, cold winds, and low temperatures can not only dry out skin but cause premature aging too.
  • Inclination towards fat-free diets that can make our bodies impoverish of skin-friendly Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).
  • Excess consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Certain medications like nasal decongestants cause dry skin or dehydrated skin.
  • Diarrhea and diabetic conditions



When it comes to repair the dry skin and damaged skin, you might anticipate that it will evacuate the remaining water out of you.

Funny! But not true fortunately as it just takes a few steps of procedure to be performed appropriate by yourself and you are set to get that shiny, feather touch skin glow.


Cleansing is the first and most crucial step as it helps in the removal of dead skin cells and tissues from deep settled within the skin. You can use a good cleansing agent or a Vitamin-E rich cleanser would work great for dry skin.

Vitamin E cleanser possess the property of a heavy emollient and makes for an effective way to remove dirt, scum and impurities while maintaining your skin’s oil balance simultaneously.


Vitamin E is a magic bullet both for skin and hair health. Vitamin E based massage moisturizer possess a fat-soluble antioxidant that is typically found in fruits, green leafy vegetables, seafood and nuts.

And this makes it a perfect supplement to nourish your skin and rekindle your skin cells by massaging with it.

Vitamin E acts as a moisturizing agent and can be applied on face, hands, legs or even the entire body. Massaging with it makes your nerves stronger, repair dry and dehydrated skin, restore the lost moisture and helps in skin nourishment from within.

Vitamin-E moisturizers or serums helps to restores and rejuvenates dehydrated and when used onto the face, hands and legs as requires gives off that soft, grease free, illuminating skin you always wanted.


Saving by way of Vitamin E tops the list. Right! You may end up spending a lot on your beauty care regime in the parlors; allow them to apply chemical concentrated products, have to revisit twice every month for improvement and maintenance.

But this wonder vitamin E is a heavenly benediction for those looking to improve dry and damaged skin and even hair by a natural way.

  • Vitamin E forestalls all the possibilities of your skin becoming dull, saggy, itchy or wrinkled. Massaging for 30 minutes helps to revitalize the skin and tackle premature signs of aging
  • boosts the production of collagen that works for maintaining skin elasticity
  • Antioxidants present in Vitamin-E neutralize the effects of free radicals
  • Quick recovery from sun burned skin and Dark spots


Applying a face pack after massage is essential as if you left your skin after massage, it will lead to attract outside grime and become exposed to pollutants.

Face Pack allows to clean, block and tightening the pores. Face Pack actually acts as a savior if you are troubled with scars and blemishes as it works wonders to lighten marks and gives you glowing skin.

Combining Vitamin E with tea tree or rose water for face mask give you a real winner!

Last from our side is an advice – to keep a check on your diet. It is good to take essential vitamins or proteins topically but for thorough nourishment you should add essential elements in your daily diet and drink enough water to stay healthy and hydrated. Hydra Facial in Delhi.