Elite Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best non-surgical skin treatment clinic for advance permanent laser hair removal in Delhi (South Delhi) with 3-in-1 or laser with triple wavelength. This machine is perfect for every hair type & is suitable for almost all skin tones. Offers treatment for face, back, chest, arms, legs & full body laser hair removal.

We all love our hair, but only if they are the beloved hair locks on our head or the curvy hair lines of our eyebrows, except that we want to reduce the unwanted hair. 

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No one of us would like to be seen with unwanted excessive hair on our face, thighs, feet, arms and all other exposed or unexposed area of our body parts.

Hair Removal in Delhi have been in existence since ages, but in very crude and different form. In early history hair was removed for cleanliness and fashion reasons, and was regarded to be the thing of elite class people.

The techniques used were cutting, shaving and waxing, gradually with the passage of time several other techniques evolved. But we all know that those unwanted strands of hair, grow again in just short span of time.

A permanent and lasting solution to this problem is Laser hair removal and thankfully this technique exists in Delhi. Elite aesthetic laser hair removal clinic has state of the art setup for laser hair removal in delhi.



Laser hair removal technique is the new and advanced thing of today to reduce unwanted and messy hair, and the catch is it is a permanent hair removal in south delhi solution after few sessions of therapy.

In this medically advanced technique, a laser beam goes into the skin to each and every hair follicle and the heat is produced by the powerful beam of laser damages the hair follicle, without damaging the skin, leaving behind beautiful glowing skin.

Laser hair removal technique works on the principle of photo-thermolysis, referring to the matching of a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration, which helps to obtain an optimal effect on a targeted hair follicle.

  • Laser therapy treats the melanin by heating it. Melanin being darker absorbs the laser and is reflected by the skin as it is light in colour.
  • The high intensity laser heats up the stem cells in the follicle that causes hair growth without affecting the rest of the skin.
  • Laser treatment works perfectly on growing hair follicles. After the treatment, the hair follicles usually shed off in couple of weeks.

Laser hair reduction is a step by step procedure involving 3 steps namely cleaning, shaving, and scanning of the area that is to be treated.

During scanning, the laser energy is passed through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle.

  • The treatment and the sessions involved depends on the area, hair density, and the hair growth cycle that needs to be treated. Generally, a person requires six to eight sittings.
  • The success of laser therapy depends on two factors: hair colour and skin type. Results vary from person to person, but it effectively reduces 60-80 % of hair.
  • Laser hair removal treatment is effective on actively growing hair follicles.
  • After the hair removal session, it usually takes two to three weeks for the hair follicles to shed off.

Generally, there are various techniques used for hair removal depending upon the skin tone, density of air and the area of hair to be removed. Following are the advanced techniques available in South Delhi:

  • Ruby Laser – This method of hair removal works best on very pale skin and is not very commonly used.
  • Nd:YAG Laser- Most commonly used to treat darker skin tone people.
  • IPL Laser- This laser technique is suitable for pale to medium type of skin tone.
  • Triple Laser Wavelength/ Triple Wavelength – This technique is the combination of ND:Yag, Diode and Alexandrite, in one. This enables higher efficiency and comfort label, with almost painless treatment. This method works on almost all types of skin tones and hair quality.

The obvious question that comes to mind is what are the advantages of Laser hair removal treatment? And the answer is that, it is painless and long-lasting way of removing unwanted hair from almost anywhere on the body parts.

The treatment is effective for both men as well as women. It is much less painful than waxing, plucking, threading, and electrolysis. The procedure involved in laser treatment is fast and quick.

Laser hair removal gives smooth skin and enhances the beauty of the person. It is also safe for sensitive areas near eyes and mouth.

The Laser hair treatment has negligibly less or no disadvantage, except of the fact that in some of the cases the skin turns reddish and toned up, with slight sensation and itching.



Laser Hair Removal Cost depends on various factors, like area of treatment, type of laser technique used, type of skin and hair to be treated, number of sessions to be carried on and standard of clinic where the treatment is to be carried on.

Area of treatment – The area which the patient wants to be treated is the most important factor in determining the cost. Larger areas of the body are charged higher than small patches as it takes more time. For example, on an average treating back region takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Number of sessions – The cost of the entire treatment is divided into a number of sessions which is priced differently. So, it is important for patients to take a note of the number of sessions which they would need to complete the treatment. Which varies generally from 5-6 sessions.

Type of hair – The density, thickness, and length of the hair play an important role in determining the overall the cost of the treatment.

Standard of clinic – The total cost of the treatment also depends on the standard and quality of the clinic you visit to get the treatment. There are various clinics and hospitals that provide laser treatment in Delhi region and cost of the treatment varies from clinic to clinic.

Most of the clinic/ laser hair removal centre in delhi have kept their price very competitive and charges anything between 1000/- for hair removal on under arms to 10,000/- for full body for single session.

For a full facial hair removal charges vary from 2500/- to 5000/-, for male chest area it is approximately 4000/-, for female bikini area it is 1500/. Several clinics offers bundled packages which considerably brings down the cost per session. 



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Whenever going for a laser hair removal treatment always choose a skilled doctor and a clinic with proper experience in this field.

Consult a dermatologist as to know which process is to be used depending on the skin type as this minimizes the chance of injury and burning during the treatment, and guarantees the best result.

It is also worth keeping in mind that laser hair removal does not work on Moles, Tattoos, Dyes, Mehndi, highly pigmented skin and active acne.

Patients with immune deficiency and pregnant ladies should avoid using this method of hair removal. Lastly, patients who have operation where a metal is inserted inside the body should also avoid this therapy.



On an average, the process involves five to seven sessions and during every session, about 20% of the hair is treated. The gap between the sessions depends on hair growth and is usually 4-6 weeks apart so that the untreated hair follicles get time to grow.


To choose a centre for laser hair removal in Delhi, one must look at the profile of doctors, dermatologist and surgeons performing the laser hair removal. Patients should ask for history of successful cases performed and related pictures of the patient pre-and post-surgery.

Also, try to find whether clinic has any foreign collaborations or certification to prove what it claims. Are there any hidden charges involved in the pricing? Check for the efficient and sufficient apparatus the clinic is using. Has the clinic all the necessary license to operate in the region?


This clinic is among the best medical centres, dedicated to medical excellence in the field of dermatology with international accreditations and facilities. It offers scientifically proven treatments using latest technology.

Elite aesthetic takes pride in offering safe, effective and affordable treatments. Elite aesthetic has personalized all the procedures by highly trained and qualified team of dermatologists, cosmetologists, thus filling the gap between beauty and medicine.

There are always nagging questions in mind as to whether a clinic is reliable and safe or not.

However following USP of Elite aesthetic laser clinic will clear all the doubts:

  • Elite aesthetic clinic boasts of an in-house team of experienced dermatologists.
  • The clinic provides consultation with the doctors on a one-to-one basis, which is very helpful for individuals with skin problems to clear all the queries.
  • Elite aesthetic clinic has state-of-the-art facilities that are the best in the industry.
  • All therapists who work here are certified and well trained with abundant experience. They are also very friendly and patient, which is an added bonus.
  • The clinic has a set of strict guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy.
  • Laser hair removal is done with the help of laser machine equipped with triple wavelength, which is efficient on every skin tone & hair.
  • The laser treatment that Elite aesthetic clinic offers is done quite fast and is almost painless.
  • The treatments that are provided here are all customized as per one’s specific needs.

Feeling confident and shining in a crowd is what sets you apart, and sometimes removal of all that unwanted hair does just the right trick. So, go ahead, and bid goodbye to all that unwanted hair and flaunt that glowing hair-free skin.