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Best Dietician in South Delhi or Nutritionist in South Delhi

Dietician in South Delhi or Nutritionist in South Delhi

We have the Best Dietician in South Delhi or Nutritionist in South Delhi. Consult now for Weight Loss Diet, Weight Gain Diet, Diet for Body Building, Athletes & Diet for women suffering from PCOD

What Is Diet or a Nutritious Diet ?

Ever heard of someone dieting? Majority of us instantly starts to think that a person is under a strict weight-loss regimen. Not even common people, brands too advertise their eating or dairy products like -- low on calorie diet chips, low cholesterol cooking oil, fat free cheese spreads, sugar free cookies etc and so on and so forth.

But there is a whole of a different meaning to diet which is purely in contradiction to traditional term of “diet”.

Diet other than for a weight loss regime refer to the food and beverages an individual takes regularly as per his/her physical and mental state of conditions and goals attached to have a desired lifestyle or body composition.

A good diet is never linked to a nutritious diet. Nutrition in a “healthy” diet means — nourishment on every level, in terms of improving the physical ability, immunity, mental capacity as well as socializing, communalizing, and other activities in the world.

So, in nutshell, when you plan to design a best diet plan possible to reach your particular diet goal, there is 1 most important question to ask yourself first.

And that question is -- what really is the goal of your diet plan?

It means what is it that you are looking to achieve following a certain diet plan? What do you want your diet to accomplish for you?

There are plenty of diet plans for tons of different goals. In this agglomeration, we will mention quite broader goals for which diet programs are commonly created.

Here are a few different answers commonly given to diet goals:-

  • Weight Loss/inch loss or fat loss
  • Weight gain or body mass index
  • Build a muscular body and six pack abs
  • Body shaping, toning and contouring
  • Improve body affected by a medical condition (like thyroid, PCOS/PCOD, diabetes)
  • Improve performance in sports, athletic events or certain physical activity
  • For a healthy, youthful and rejuvenated skin
  • Feel healthy and balance from inside out

A goal or combinations of the goals are needed to be set before creating a set diet plan. An ideal diet plan will firstly take into account diet goal, pounds of fat/inches anyone wants to lose or build causes of weight gain/loss, specific area for loss/gain, age, gender etc.

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Different Diet to achieve different goals:

Weight Loss/Fat Loss Diet

Causes of Over Weight

There can be various causes of being overweight or unable to lose weight even after diet and exercises. These include:-

  • Hereditary weight gain issues
  • Underlying medical condition
  • Certain medicines that stimulate fatty cells
  • Certain pills
  • Imbalanced diet(taking too much of fried, junk food, or sugar and salt)
  • No exercise of physical activity

To take care these causes while preparing diet

There are diets recommended online or some nutritionists that only creates your diet plan based on the symptoms and overlook to treat the root cause of weight issues. Hence it is of utmost importance that you consult a trained nutritionist on how to lose weight, analyzing the actual cause of weight gain. Diet swapping can actually change your life.

Best for which segment

Men, women and youngsters who are prone to gain weight due to clinical, constitutional or imbalanced lifestyle and eating disorders are good for weight gain

Is there any difference between diet for man & women

Of course, Diets for Men Differ from Diets for Women, simply because both these genders are made up of fundamentally different structural composition, different body mass, emotional make-up and are prone to different health issues. Although there is not a huge diet difference in between the sexes, but both results in a need for different approaches to dieting. For instance;

Women require more iron and calcium content than men. Women tend to lose higher amount of iron during menstruation. Calcium is more important for women than men to decrease incidences for osteoporosis in women. Men require more fiber than women to reduce the probability of rectal cancers.

Protein Rich Diets for men requires to be taken into consideration. A male body necessitates consuming about 15 % of your daily calories in protein. For a diet of 3000 calories, the recommended protein consumption comes to 450 calories from protein. For a woman eating a daily diet of 2200 calories, the intake comes to 330 calories.

Long term & short term Benefits of diet

  • Healthy heart, bones joints and digestive system
  • Replenished skin
  • Food Swaps with their healthy versions will help flatten your belly fast
  • Nutrition Recommended Quick Tips to Lose Weight

Main aim of the diet

  • To prevent from unnecessary fats from fizzy, carbonated drinks, that makes your belly fat, swap them with flat drinks like vitamin rich juices, green teas and lemonade drinks.
  • Build a strong digestive system with intake of steamed veggies that will slash the exertion your stomach and gastrointestinal tract have to go through in order to break raw vegetables down.
  • Lose unhealthy and unnecessary fat. Salt attracts water, and this water retention incites a puffed belly. Swapping to salt-free seasonings such as cayenne pepper will make you see the difference on your own.
  • Improving intestinal mobility and thus relaxing digestion indulge in probiotics like Greek yogurt in order to kill gut bacteria, fulfill sugar cravings without gaining extra pounds.
  • Body hydration by drinking more fluids
  • Muscle strengthening chucking out the carbs
  • Meet essential nutrient needs with dry fruits like almonds

What is taken care in this kind of diet

  • Do not skip meals.
  • Eat on intervals instead of gulping all at once
  • Prefer home-cooked foods
  • Keep fresh foods and organic food in your refrigerator and kitchen
  • Add 3 meals in your diet plan.
  • Go for lesser portions
  • Avoid excessive or added sugar and salt
  • More fruits and steamed vegetables
  • Avoid zero carb diet plan

Weight Gain Diet

Weight can be anything in a body, like fat, water or muscle.

Well! This diet is meant for people with less than acceptable body weight (also known as skeleton-like, starved, or attenuate) and inappropriate BMI (body mass index). Many people say not to take tension, as you'll have the opposite problem when you want to run away from it, when you will marry, become pregnant or age.

You could probably see your abs when you took your shirt off having this diet?

Firstly, just because you are looking to gain weight does not mean to start having hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chips to gain weight. To be precise, an ideal weight gain diet is not the one that makes you fat but that helps you gain mass, which is quite different from one another.

A good weight gain diet is ought to help you gain muscular mass if done jointly with weight lifting exercises, and is also going to help you reduce unwanted fat too, that might occur during weight gain regime.

Firstly it is important to know the causes of being skinny or underweight before deciding on a certain weight gain diet.

Causes of thinness may be due to

  • Constitutional reasons
  • Genetic thinness
  • Various diseases, like Hyperthyroidism, diabetes
  • Eating disorders
  • Parasites

Let’s take a look at which foods have the property to help attaining healthy mass.

Here is a look at Weight Gain Diet Menu

Consume whole wheat or Whole grain chapattis or bread for essential proteins, being fit and stronger. Take 2 bananas or an apple and 10 grams of roasted peanuts, pine nuts or hazelnuts for snack time. You can have boiled Green vegetables, green beans in extra virgin olive oil, steamed or boiled salmons or lettuce. Take Yogurt in day meal, it is good for nourishment and skin too.

Non-veggies can go for boiled eggs, white meat etc. for extra muscle strengthening and mass building

Muesli, tomatoes and cottage cheese, grilled zucchini are good too as a side meal for Weight Gain Diet.

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Sports Nutrition Diet

Body Building Diet

Main aim of body building diet

  • Muscle strengthening for weight lifting and required energy for workout.
  • Planned meal groups (4 or 5) will keep their hunger and satiety signals connected.
  • For adequate packing on mass and bodyweight
  • Repairing and rebuilding lean muscle tissue
  • Increase energy levels
  • Develop body composition and growth
  • Improve recovery after any jerk caused by workouts
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves lifestyle, day to day habits

Diet as per the 3 body types & metabolism of any individual

There are 3 basic categories of the human body types:

  1. Endomorph - featured by a preponderance of body fat
  2. Ectomorph - featured by a by a shortage of either excess fat or muscle tissue
  3. Mesomorph - characterized by a well-built musculature

Biggest challenge with an Endomorph is losing body fat. Their diet should be focused around green veggies and protein. The only time starchy carbohydrates should be taken is just after exercise as there is less likeliness of them to get stored as bodyfat after exercise.

Ectomorphs require focusing on gaining muscular bodyweight. Hence should take more calories than they burn. Meal needs to consist of starchy carbohydrates and proteins. The diet should be concentrated around natural unprocessed foods, fat foods like whole eggs, red meat, peanut butter, and full fat dairy products. Keep eating after every 2hours.

Mesomorph’s generally have a naturally maintained body, but to retain, sustain and/or improve it, they need to follow a specific diet along with cardiovascular exercise. Bodybuilders generally have this body type.

Mesomorphs principally do best on a fusion diet, consisting of balanced proteins (40%), carbohydrates (30%), and fats (30%)


Main aim of the diet for Athletes

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat well and strictly not cut down on your calorie, protein, or healthy fat intake
  • Add whole grains, fruit, vegetables and sources of low-fat dairy and lean protein for high energy levels and better performance
  • Stay Hydrated

Any difference between Body Building Diet & Athlete’s diet

Athletes may need more calories than a body builder or an average person for improving their energy and performance. A good nutrition plan with regular exercise must be on athlete’s list of priorities.

A body builder’s diet needs more of proteins carbohydrates and fats to maintain consistent energy levels to workout strengthen muscles and prevent muscle fatigue.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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