We are offering skin tightening treatment in Delhi & which is far better & affordable than Ultherapy or Thermage. Call now to know more about treatments available for Skin Tightening in Delhi (South Delhi).

Effective skin tightening for Double Chin Treatment, Puffing Eyes Treatment, Arms Lift, Inner & Outer Thighs Tigh tening, Tummy Tightening & Face lift is available.


The fact of getting sagging skin, droopy eyes and drooling body parts with increasing age is not hidden from anyone. It is an inevitable experienc to be encountered by each one of us, and literally by each one, just that some have it prematurely, some with time, while some fortunate have it really delayed.

But there is nothing in this progressively advancing scientific world that cannot help a living being overcome their problems. And to deal with the signs of aging and skin corrections, we have got you covered.

There are certain aesthetic devices that are non-surgical and non-invasive and still provide you with the pragmatically desirable outcomes as that of some surgical procedures.

When you search for the non-surgical options, there are now plentiful, but what one is required to keep in mind are the effectiveness, safety, eligibility and goal of getting the treatment.


Exilis Elite is a cosmetic device commended as an effective substitute to cosmetic and skin tightening surgeries like body lifts, facelift surgery or any dermal treatments.

Exilis Elite is a non-surgical device by BTL Aesthetics that typically uses radiofrequency waves for flaring up certain layers of the skin with heat emission by waves that helps to melt fat deposits along with tightening the skin.

Due to its dual property of burning fat and tightening skin simultaneously, it has emerged as quite a popular device amongst dermatologists as well as patients as an alternative to anti-aging cosmetic surgeries and liposuction.

Exilis Elite in itself is an expedient product for people looking for fat reduction, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. But apart from that it is advantageous over other surgical and non-surgical skin treatment devices in various ways like:


  • FDA-approved skin treatment for wrinkles and rhytids
  • Tightens and improves elasticity of loose skin
  • Firms and restores lax tissue around lips, near mouth areas and eyes
  • Boosts production of natural collagen for improved structure.

Probably the biggest advantage of Exilis over Ulterapy is that the former Combines Radiofrequency and Ultrasound Tightening. Ultherapy only uses ultrasound, but Exilis uses radiofrequency energy too that leads to realistically captivating results of fat reduction with improved skin elasticity

  • Combo energy used by Exilis Elite makes it far more capable to reach fat in areas that are otherwise quite deep
  • With Exilis vs Thermage for skin tightening is the property of the device to gauge temperature increases in the skin from a technical viewpoint rather than patient’s feedback.
  • Exilis allows the specialist to view the heat levels reached on the device screen and to make sure that optimal levels are attained during the treatment process, which is not available in Thermage.
  • Any heat-based treatment that is formulated to tighten and firm the skin must produce adequate heat to drive collagen change (known as remodeling), which Exilis do.
  • Exilis Elite system has another full proof; faultless system in which it adjusts the energy levels automatically as it senses tissue thickness and depth modifications, so more energy would mechanically be volunteered in the cheek area where there is more tissue, and less around any bony structure so as to prevent overheating.
  • Being FDA-approved and scientifically backed by researches, Exilis Elite can be used on any part of face and body.
  • Can be performed even after receiving any kind of dermal treatments as well as procedures that address skin texture.
  • Replaces and/or delays surgery.
  • NO anesthesia, painkiller and NO DOWNTIME
  • Approved of Health Canada, clinically tested and scientifically proven
  • Employing Mono Polar Radio Frequency with dominion cooling, ExilisTM supplies deep thermal heat to spur up the metabolic task in every cell – in essence “mounting” your body to make NEW Collagen… which we all know slacken as we age.


In search of products and procedures, for youthful, skin tightening and rekindled skin and body, many people end up under knife. And sometimes to reap the greatest of surgical benefits, people have to take multiple sessions that are not pleasing at all, as we all know. However, offering a more comfortable, flexible and affordable substitute to Thermage and Ultherapy, Exilis EliteTM spurs and strengthens the collagen production and system to conveniently improve skin laxity and texture. Exilis EliteTM transmits targeted energy to reach and incite the deeper layers of tissue-building, elastin and collagen. You can thus enjoy the advantages of an anti-aging treatment that does not need surgery. The end result is tighter, younger and natural skin appearance and the result last long and is consistent.

Maybe you lost weight but your skin isn’t getting firm afterwards, may be your loosening skin is due to long-term exposure to sun, excessive stress, illness or medication. If your skin isn’t tightening or resuming the way it used to be, then ExilisTM may be your solution to loosening skin.


  • Saggy lower face and jowls.
  • Under eye Puffiness and wrinkles
  • Forehead fine lines and wrinkles
  • Droopy Mouth area
  • Fine lines and wrinkles on cheeks
  • “Rippled” skin on cheeks
  • Helps restore original suppleness of lips
  • Reduces and treats double chin.
  • Brow lift – treats droopy skin below eyebrows.
  • Fine wrinkles on chest, Turkey neck and décolletage.



  • When the treatment is required – After the age of 35, when the facial features starts to crumple and slump due to slow down of collagen as we age, Exilis Elite is best to smoothen and lift up the droopy cheeks, under eyes and chin.
  • What you can expect after Exilis Elite tightening – Exilis Elite procedure can help tighten the face, elevate sunken cheeks, reduce saggy jowls in the jaw line, define jaw line, and lift the neck. It also helps to crease out wrinkles and loosened neck skin often which probably would be the harshest signs of aging.
  • How many sittings are required – It needs 3-5 sessions, in every 2weeks, and results should remain for 2years.


  • When the treatment is required – One of the most performed treatment for both females and males of all age groups. Tummy tightening by Exilis is usually demanded when your stomach accumulates excessive localized fat, makes it bulge out and is stubborn to go off with exercises and diet.
  • What you can expect after Exilis Elite tightening – Reduced belly and lower abdomen. You would no more embrace your rounded stomach. Your skin on stomach also lifts up with Exilis radio frequency energy.
  • How many sittings are required – It requires 3-5 sessions, in every 2weeks, and results should remain for 2years.


  • When the treatment is required – When skin in the back of thighs, near butt areas or knees starts to drop down, form cellulite, Exilis helps to reduce fat deposits from the inner and outer thighs and also makes them firm.
  • What you can expect after Exilis Elite tightening – Exilis treatment for the thighs needs stronger radio frequency for the purpose to reach the fat deposits. It results in Firm and well built thighs, restoring the original shape and laxity.
  • How many sittings are required – It needs 4-6 sessions, in every 2weeks, and results should remain for 2years consistently.


  • When the treatment is required – Some people, even at a younger age experience sagging skin under the upper arms and loosened skin in back side of forearms. This calls for a workout session to restore elasticity but when your efforts go in vain then Exilis is your perfect rescue.
  • What you can expect after Exilis Elite tightening – Lifted arms, firmness with smoother skin appearance.
  • How many sittings are required – The recommended course of treatment with the new Exilis for arm lift is generally 2 to 3 sessions, spacing out in biweekly. The results should last about 24 months.


  • When the treatment is required – puffy eyes are commonly a cause of continued sleep deprivation, stress and age. When our eyes start to give out that lumpy looks of swollenness under the eyes, it is a signal.
  • What you can expect after Exilis Elite tightening – Exilis treatment around the eyes can renew and rejuvenate the appearance of crows’ feet, under eye puffiness, droopy skin under eyebrows tighten saggy eyes.
  • How many sittings are required – Results are evident instantly after a single session, but it requires overall 3-4 sessions for complete course of treatment.


  • When the treatment is required – Double chin does not only victimize elderly people. People of any age wit bad sitting posture, unhealthy lifestyle can get double chin, which sometimes becomes diet and exercise resistant. And this calls for an aesthetic interference for consistent and long term reduction and removal of double chin.
  • What you can expect after Exilis Elite tightening – Reduce and removes excessive skin below the chin and jaw areas for a smoother and sculpted face appearance
  • How many sittings are required – Results are evident instantly after a single session, but it requires 3-4 sessions for complete improvement.


People with acne scars, skin cancer or nursing MOMs do NOT qualify for Exilis.
People who want to reduce the signs of aging with no downtime, pain or use of needles make for candidates of Exilis. The product promotes the body’s own collagen remodeling response for a natural outcome, so you can age elegantly.


Almost NO risks treatment and it may only cause itchiness or redness for about 15 to 30 minutes. Treatment only takes about half n hour

Exilis is a customizable Treatments employing combinations of radio frequencies and cooling technology allowing technicians to offer a variety of intensity options for differing skin thickness from one area of the body to another.

Exilis Elite in the face feels so delicate due to its potential of targeting more cooling strengths and lesser frequency which is most required in facial tissues as skin in the face is much thinner and a lot more delicate.

The rejuvenation Exilis treatment provides perforating the skin with balanced levels of energy to incite collagen, even complexion, and skin tightening. This allows for lifted, firm, brighter and wrinkle free skin.

Overall Exilis is a great product for fat reduction and skin tightening and rejuvenation simultaneously.